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Step by Step tutorials

Woocommerce settings

For all kind of woocommerce setups, we prepared in depth tutorial about all steps for basic and advanced setup of woocommerce and shop settings

Don’t forget that Refashion demo uses vertical images for shop (default is horizontal), so, go to Customizer – Woocommerce – product images and set custom ration for images as 4:3. Read link above about how to do this

How to Edit Homepage

Go to pages – all pages and find your Homepage Refashion. Click to Edit in Elementor

it can be hard to edit some elements because they can be over other elements or hidden. It’s because Elementor has unlimited number of layers. You can simply click with right click of mouth anywhere on page and get access to Navigator. Then, you can choose any element and edit it, replace by own images, add new elements.

If you want to edit background images and colors, you can do this by editing section (sometimes column) background. Background option is available in Style tab

You can find how to work with Elementor and how to change basic colors from Customizer in our video

Refashion has very complex animations on homepage. Some users can think that it’s too hard to edit this page, so, we created also light weight page with less animations. To set your homepage as light version, go to Settings – reading and set Homepage as Refashion Home Light

Multivendor options

If you want to allow other users to sell or post something on your site, you will need multivendor plugin for woocommerce. We support several plugins and theme has more extended integration in these plugins. You can check our comparison of vendor plugins

Each vendor plugin has own pros and conses, but all of them are doing their job well. When you activate vendor plugin, don’t skip setup wizard as it’s important to set initial values and pages. We also added some more tutorials how to use theme with vendor plugins to make marketplace on wordpress

Additional resources

By default, wordpress has no seo and cache settings, so, you must install caching system and seo plugin

If you want to build price comparison feature on site, check next tutorial

How to make affiliate price comparison site on WooCommerce 

For Directory on woocommerce

Creating Directory. Classified, Review site with Rehub

If you have some question, please, try to find answer in our documentation, blog and google.

We added more than 500 articles and 20 step by step guides, so, this will cover near 90% of your needs even for custom complex requirements.

Please, write to our support if you still can’t find answers in suggested resources. We also made many step by step tutorials. You can find them below

We also have video channel with many tutorials and secrets of theme and wordpress.

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